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Nic Bittle: 
Good Foreman/Bad Foreman
Monday, December 4th, 2017
Indianapolis Electrical JATC

Good Foreman/Bad Foreman: 

Nic Bittle was one of our most popular speakers ever when he presented "A Foreman's Field Guide to Developing Your Workforce" in January 2016. Early registration is recommended, this one could fill up fast. Maximum registration: 50 attendees. Please limit your registration to five people per firm, and notify Tavia Brunner Rojas to request additional spots. 

12 Easy-to-Implement Solutions to Everyday Challenges!

The course for every good foreman that wants to become a great leader.

Running a job and a crew in our current market can have its challenges.  With much of our talent nearing retirement age how will we develop the next generation to fill their shoes? 

  • How does a good foreman develop initiative in their crew? 

  • How does a good foreman develop a crew member to communicate at a higher level?

  • How does a good foreman train and develop his or her crew to perform at their best on a daily basis?

Answers to those questions and more will be discussed in this course.

Fee: $85.00 per person (NECA-member price). Non members: $170.00 per person. 

Please limit your registrations to 5 people per member firm at this time; call or email Tavia Brunner Rojas (317-292-3199, to request additional spots. 

Please use this link to register today! 

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