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ELECTRI Study: Top-Performing NECA Project Managers

ELECTRI International is conducting a study of Top-Performing Project Managers among NECA Contractors.  See the attached flyer for more information.


The objective is to identify the traits, characteristics, and skillsets of Top-Performing Project Managers by using several personality and aptitude assessments such as HEXACO, QDiSC, and Emotional Intelligence. 


Please contact the research team if your company would like to participate! Note: there is no cost to participate. (Brian Lines,, 785-864-6503)


Participation consists of:

  1. Identify volunteer Project Managers & Supervisors

  2. They take the assessment – it is less than 30 minutes and is self-paced


What will you get for participating?

  1. A copy of the National Results of Top-Performing Project Manager traits

  2. Individualized results & how these compare with the National Results



Brian Lines, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor
Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering (CEAE) Department
University of Kansas
1530 W. 15th Street, 2135B Learned Hall
Lawrence, Kansas 66045

Office: 785-864-6503

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