Rebel™ Self Retracting Lifeline - Web

Model: 3100425

11 ft. (3.3m) of 1" (2.5 cm) polyester web with steel snap hook, swiveling anchorage and anchorage carabiner.



Rebel™ self retracting lifelines (SRL) with super-tough yet lightweight composite housings are built to last providing an economical fall protection solution without compromising performance or safety. These Rebel™ SRL’s feature a 310 pound (141 kg) user capacity, and a robust design to ensure longevity. Rebel™ is designed with the worker in mind, featuring a stackable space-maximizing design, high strength web lifeline and a built-in swiveling anchorage point. An SRL’s lifeline will extend as the user moves away, and retract automatically enabling the user to move about within a recommended working area at normal speeds. Should a fall occur, a speed sensing brake system will activate stopping the fall and reducing the forces imposed on the user to safe levels.

Product Highlights

  • Swiveling anchorage loop and carabiner

  • 11 ft. (3.3m) 1" (2.5cm) polyester web lifeline

  • Self-locking snap hook on lifeline

  • Compact, lightweight design

  • Tough and impact resistant stackable thermoplastic housing

  • Quick activating speed sensing brake system

  • High capacity external energy absorber and impact indicator

  • Several configurations available

Miller TurboLite™ Personal Fall Limiters


The cost-effective and competitive pricing of the Miller TurboLite™ Personal Fall Limiters (PFL) make shock-absorbing lanyards obsolete on the job site. Workers no longer need to “switch-out” equipment to maintain a safe fall distance

Effective Solution
The unique 6-foot (1.8 m) TurboLite PFLs require less fall clearance than traditional shock-absorbing lanyards, instantly arresting a free fall within inches.



  • Reduces fall clearance requirements

  • Available in 6-ft and 9-ft lengths to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications

  • Unit and lanyard end connector combinations available for both 9-foot and 6-foot TurboLite PFLs

  • Lightweight aluminum connectors reduce weight while maintaining the strength needed to support workers

  • High-impact nylon housing and abrasion-resistant webbing provide long service life

  • Attaches directly to the back D-ring of a harness for increased mobility

  • Integral swivel prevents lifeline from twisting

  • Rated for up to a 400 lb. (181.4 kg) worker

  • Twin models available for 100% tie-off

  • ANSI Z359.14, ANSI A10.32 and CSA compliant models available (All models meet OSHA requirements)


Miller 6-foot TurboLite PFL

  • Ideal replacement for a 6-ft. shock-absorbing lanyard

  • Models start at just 1.9 lbs. (0.86 kg)


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