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James Benham - Future Forecast:
How Drones, Sensors, and Integrated Apps are Rewriting all the Rules

Everywhere you look, there’s a new mobile, drone or wearable device. How are these technologies evolving construction projects? How are top contractors running research and development on emerging technologies? Get ahead of the learning curve and hear about the up and coming technology solutions your peers in the industry are already utilizing. In this dynamic session, James Benham sorts through the latest trends, solutions and devices in building technologies and how they will rewrite the rules for construction projects. Mr. Benham will also discuss the statistics behind the the annual Construction Technology Report, a survey of thousands of construction professionals on how they are employing and integrating technology on building projects. 


Discuss real companies who are researching and implementing the latest technologies and how they are impacting their construction projects. See demos of the next generation of technology that are keeping developers busy. And review the technology tools and strategies you can implement today to be ready for the tech of tomorrow.


We hope all who were able to attend James' Future Forecast presentation enjoyed it and came away with new ideas to update and enhance their company's use of technology throughout all phases of the construction process. To access his presentation slides, or to get James' contact information, visit You will be prompted to enter your contact information first. If you did not attend, no problem, just enter your information and select the June 8th presentation for Central Indiana NECA. 

If you have any feedback for the Chapter regarding the seminar, please feel free to contact Tavia or Ted.

The Chapter would like to again extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsor for yesterday's event, Milwaukee Tool. Milwaukee's Kyle Adams was on site to discuss their game-changing tool-tracking and inventory management technology and app, ONE-KEY. 

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