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  • Ted Uppole

12/22/2020 Update: Vaccine Legal Issues

Good Morning,

Once again, I’m genuinely impressed with NECA National’s timeliness in releasing legal updates when needed by our members. I fielded two calls just yesterday regarding whether or not an employer can mandate vaccination for its employees. I was working on putting together a piece to address it directly, when I received this legal notice from Jef Fagan, NECA’s attorney. It’s been posted to our site with the rest of our COVID related resources. While you’re there checking it out, I also wanted to put in a reminder that the Chapter recently put together some resources for you to help prevent Sexual Harassment in the workplace.

On that subject, at our annual meeting, we presented a proposal for the Board’s consideration to purchase licenses to train everyone in our industry on sexual harassment prevention using an online compliance company called Traliant. The Board asked that members take a look at the program using their free trial and to send me feedback as to whether or not you felt it would something you would support.

I had planned on doing a post before Christmas to wish you all a wonderful holiday, but since I’ve made two posts in two days, barring some absolutely essential piece of new information, we will let this suffice. Our office will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years as well, but as always, we answer the phone 24/7.

Healthcare workers deservedly get the lion’s share of attention for essential workers in their efforts to battle COVID. However, so many in this industry have also played essential roles and put themselves in harm’s way. From working in active COVID treatment wards to ensure that the critically ill can continue to receive care, to building new facilities to expand hospitals ICU capacity, to our members that, even today are working around the clock with the military to ensure that Moderna’s vaccine can be distributed as soon as possible, we have our own heroes, and sadly, our own casualties too.

So if you don’t happen to hear it from anyone else, we here in the Chapter office, a group who know exactly how much difficulty you have faced in helping to make our country and our families safe, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy Holliday’s everyone.

Thank you for being a NECA member and, as always, call me if you have any questions.


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