• Ted Uppole

5/20/20 - OSHA and COVID-19 as a recordable event

Good Evening,

Like so much of the COVID-19 guidance we’ve been getting from various government agencies, this latest from OSHA doesn’t really spell things out and leaves you with more questions than answers.

In essence however, OSHA has issued a new release which seems to require an employer to investigate any COVID-19 occurrence within their employees to see if they caught it during work. If so, it is now considered an OSHA reportable.

NECA has provided an explanation for this new requirement here, but as previously stated, there are lots of questions. As this standard goes into effect on May 26th, I’m hopeful we can get you a process for how to conduct such an investigation and turn it into an explainable report before the new guidance goes into effect.

As always, stay safe and call if you have any questions.


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