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6/3 - OSHA Reportable Illness Form, Scott Baldwin Victory

Good Morning Everyone!

First of all, welcome to the Blog. We noticed a number of folks that weren’t subscribed calling to ask about items that had recently been posted sooooo… we signed everybody up. Sorry about that. If it’s any consolation, there’s a lot of great content in this portion of our website and its probably worth a few minutes to peruse what’s available.

Next, by way of follow up, in my last email, I mentioned that we will be posting an OSHA Reportable Investigation form for COVID 19 positive cases on your job sites. We’ve gotten that vetted by NECA National and are now just making it an editable PDF form that you’ll be able to use on tablets, phones, and pc’s. Again, if you have a positive case on your site before were able to get this product out, please give us a call and we will give you the base version of the document.

In a rare bit of positivity without reservations, I’m happy to report that Scott Baldwin was able to prevail over his rival J.R. Gaylor of the ABC in the Indiana Senate race in District 20. This is great news for Indiana and for the Construction Industry generally. Scott contacted me shortly after the results of the election were announced to express his gratitude to NECA and the many essential businesses that make up our membership for their support. This was a tough race and involved huge numbers for an Indiana Senate Primary. Every bit of that help was needed, so I too want to thank you for having the foresight and generosity to support a candidate who hasn’t dedicated his career to ending ours.

Finally, just a reminder to fill out this survey to let us know if you plan on going to convention and in particular if you’re interested in going to the Colts – Bears game at Soldier Field.

As always, stay safe and call if you have any questions.


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