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  • Ted Uppole

Aug. 28, 2020: Education, New Chapter Partner, PPP Forgiveness Guidance

Good Afternoon Everyone! Before we head into the weekend, I had a few items I wanted to make sure we got out to everyone.


First, On October 20 & 21, we are excited to host Don Kiper of Electrical Estimating 101 to lead his “Philosophy of Electrical Estimating” workshop. Mr. Kiper comes highly recommended from multiple members whose staff have benefited from past classes with him. Attendees will learn how to think like an estimator. Estimators will be taught methodology that is driven by a proper philosophy of the electrical estimate from the initial organization to the completion of the bid summary. Please click here for more information about the class and to register.


On November 10 & 11, we will host NECA National’s Advanced Estimating course. Developed to discuss all phases of the estimating process, this course covers all aspects of preparing a competitive bid. Key topics include identifying desirable bid opportunities, analyzing the company's capabilities to ensure profitable results, the estimator’s role at various stages of the project, writing an effective scope letter, and identifying often hidden costs in the bid documents. We hold this class almost every year and it tends to fill up quickly – this year, it will be offered at a lower registration fee. Click here for more information and to register.


We are happy to report that Eaton has officially become Chapter Preferred Partners and they have SO MUCH to offer. So much so that, we asked them to build a website for us that we could link to that outlines what they provide to you and what you need to know. Well, their marketing team accurately responded that the challenge with that is, “we have so many of our products and services that your members buy from us via distributors that it’s almost too much to cover.” So, please visit Eaton at for some general information and watch their video on that page to learn more.

Fresh out of the gate Eaton is offering a Power Quality Virtual Power Tour for your customers. This is a chance for you to promote yourself to your customers and give them some valuable education, a free meal, and professional development credit hours for certification.

An invitation can be found here for you to make nice with your customers for the upcoming Eaton Power Quality Virtual Power Tour. The focus is going to be on newer technology like lithium-ion batteries, along with integration of monitoring/management & automation tools. Eaton is giving away some iPads and will also be providing vouchers for Uber Eats delivery from a restaurant of the customer’s choosing. Eaton will also provide two hours of Personal Development Credit hours for industry certification if there are staff/engineers needing to maintain their certification with continuing education and certified training.

Again, this is for your customers. Eaton asks that we don’t register ourselves and that you don’t register yourselves. This is an end-user, customer-only event. If you’d like to get training or a demo/WebEx lined up for your company, they can roll out a training exactly like this one for you. Stick to customers only for this one.


Barnes and Dennig has released a great write up on the new guidance from the SBA on certain non-payroll expenses (including rent) and the owners compensation provisions as well. We’ve been waiting a while for this, so please give it a read here. Other than that, I’ll be sending some divisions emails directly on matters that only affect their area. Have a great weekend everyone!

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