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Purdue Student Chapter Achievement
ASC Region 3 Electrical Open Competition Podium Finish

The Central Indiana Chapter, NECA would like to congratulate and recognize the Purdue Student Chapter for placing 3rd in this year's ASC Region 3 Electrical Open Competition! The Purdue Student Chapter participates annually in the ASC Competition Electrical Open, with this year’s team receiving podium honors.


The Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) is a professional association of construction educators and industry practitioners working together for the development and advancement of construction education. The ASC Electrical Open competition required the teams to take a problem statement and scope of work materials provided by a Team Sponsor and then compose a proposal solving said problem statement.


The Team Sponsor this year was Aldridge Electric. The problem statement for the team's project was to update three active subway stations in one of the busiest cities in the US. The project involved a full platform level lighting replacement that had to be completed with single track outages to have minimal impact on the public transit system. Each team had to strictly adhere to the specific time frames, deadlines, schedules, locations, and conditions outlined in the problem.


The Program Sponsor, Aldridge Electric, provided very positive feedback for the team, stating that "it was the most innovative construction method for installing/replacing the light fixtures in the subway project."


Faculty Advisor, Dr. Anthony Sparkling, stated that "This competition challenged the students to increase their commitment to the organization and its impact." The ASC competition was held virtually on Zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions. The team showed considerable resiliency by overcoming obstacles that came from participating virtually. Specifically, being able to coordinate schedules and work around assignments and exams.


Under the three-year tenure of Dr. Sparkling, the Purdue Student Chapter has reestablished a strong leadership team and has placed a reinvigorated emphasis on long term planning. As well, the team was able to secure 3rd place in this highly recognized competition with the partnering and collaboration with other local industry leaders such as ERMCO.


The Purdue Student Chapter Electrical Open team consisted of 6 members: Luke Busald (President), Josiah Brisbane (VP), Andrew Arias (Treasurer), Evan Cardwell, and Michael Hillbig, who received team MVP honors.

Purdue ASC.png
Purdue Check ASC.png

Pictured above is Dr. Sparkling and the Purdue Student Chapter team with their 3rd place award of $500.


The NECA Student Chapters have made a great showing this year, with the Purdue team being the second Student Chapter to receive national recognition.  We would also like to congratulate the Ball State Student Chapter's recent accomplishment in ELECTRI International’s annual Green Energy Challenge. With their performance receiving 3rd place honors! 


We are very proud of our Student Chapters efforts in this year's competitions. As a reminder, all students who participate in the Student Chapter programs have an interest in the electrical construction industry and will be seeking employment opportunities following graduation. We hope that our members will be first in line to procure these talented individuals.


If you are interested in participating in the Chapter's Student Liaison Committee, attending a Student Chapter event, hosting a job site tour at one of your jobs/projects, or just learning more about the program, you may contact Sam at the Chapter office  (317-846-5680) or at


For complete competition results, go to

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