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We All Built This City

We All Built This City - Visit Indy Video Link


What is this and what does it mean to you?  As you are all aware, Indy has been hit hard in the past few months.  We are looking to see how we can get Indy back on its feet.  The local construction industry has Built this City over the years, and it’s a time we can give back by simply giving them business.  What they need is people to go to hotel rooms, visit attractions, and/or eat downtown.  We are excited to let you know we will be partnering with Visit Indy to help reopen Central Indiana tourism and hospitality.  The construction industry is a strong community, we were able to remain essential, and now we can give back.


So how can you help?  A number of construction organizations are helping to promote the following message to construction companies, partner companies and suppliers to encourage them to join in encouraging all of our employees and team members to Visit Indy by doing the following:


  1. Provide incentives to your team members and employees to visit hotels, attractions and/or dining venues.  This can be done by offering a set amount of money to each employee that visits Indy, or maybe even reimbursing them for a certain percentage of their visit, whether it be 10%, 25% or 50%.  This decision is YOURS as a company.  We are not asking for money directly for anything, just a way to show good will to your employees, while providing a positive impact on Indy and Central Indiana.

  2. Go to the Visit Indy website, and using the You’ve Earned It links, find valuable hotel discounts and information for other attractions and dining in Central Indiana.  Use this link - - to send correspondence to your employees. 

  3. Visit Indy’s outreach includes

  1. We are looking for the construction industry to put this message out encouraging people to go out and enjoy from July 6th through August 2nd.


Please include Visit Indy’s message in your staff emails, website and social media.  The graphics and video link below takes you to Visit Indy landing page.

  1. Twitter and Facebook – the easiest way to support this is

    1. Follow @VisitIndy on Twitter and Facebook

    2. Retweet

    3. Create your own tweets using #loveIndy

  2. Graphics and :10 video

    1. Use in tweets, facebook posts

    2. Use on website

    3. Create your own flyer to give to employees


You can also find images/videos here:


Also included is a generic Word document you can cut and paste from to be able to send to your employees to kick off this campaign.  Feel free to make it your own, cut and paste as you wish.


As you can see in the video, a number of companies have already committed to encouraging and incentivizing their team members to Visit Indy. 


Are You In???

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