• Ted Uppole

6/4 - Final OSHA Reportable Illness Form, Chapter Meeting Safety Policy

Good Morning!

We finally finished our latest product for you all. As you recall, last week OSHA announced that COVID-19 is potentially a recordable event. "Potentially" because it is up to the employer to decide if it is recordable after conducting a thorough investigation. This discretion on the part of the employer is matched by the discretion of the OHSA investigator to determine whether or not the determination was proper and that the investigation conducted by the employer was sufficient to make such a determination.

In order to assist you in conducting your investigation, our office has coordinated with NECA National and Safety Resources to put together this fillable PDF COVID-19 illness investigation form which should assist you in determining whether or not the illness was contracted on site.

Additionally, I’ve released a new Chapter Meeting Safety Policy to have in place as we once again resume in person meetings. Take a look at the policy and let me know if you have any questions. This policy will be distributed as a part of the meeting materials for all meetings until we can ensure everyone’s safety.

Can’t wait to see everyone at our Summer Meeting.



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