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Drug Testing Updates - 3/25/2020

Some of our six local unions within the Chapter have temporarily changed their substance abuse/drug testing program policies in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a summary of the current status of each.

In Local 305, the parties have agreed to suspend random and annual drug tests through April 30, 2020 in order to avoid the members’ exposure to ill patients in healthcare facilities. This measure was also intended to help prevent overwhelming local healthcare facilities. The parties signed a memorandum of understanding that allows for the parties to agree to extend the suspension after April 30th if needed. Parkview medical, the provider of the Local 305 substance abuse program, has been notified not to send letters to members asking them to come in for drug tests. The Local has agreed not to announce the change to the membership.

Local 481: There are several important updates to Quality Connection of Central Indiana’s Substance Abuse program.

Please use the updated collection site list. This list notes:

· Only send people to collection sites that continue to provide drug test sample collection.

· If a site indicates to call for screening before coming to the site, please take this important step. Individuals will not be allowed to enter the site if they have not been through the screening process.

· Do not send anyone to a site that has temporarily suspended drug test sample collection.

· Be prepared to answer the basic screening questions when asked. Question include presence of symptoms, recent travel, etc.

All of these provisions and restrictions are being taken to enable a safe collection site environment and a safe workforce. We appreciate your extra effort in this. As changes occur, Quality Connection of Central Indiana will update its website and outreach to NECA Central Indiana, Quality Connection Contractors and IBEW #481.

Testing in the jurisdiction of IBEW Local 668 (Lafayette) and Local 855 (Muncie-Richmond) and are unchanged as of today.

Local 725: In light of the COVID-19 Crisis, The Coalition for Construction Safety has agreed to delay random and annual testing until April 7, 2020, which is in line with Governor Holcomb's stay-in-home directive.

As a reciprocal program of the Coalition for Construction Safety, the Indiana Union Construction Substance Abuse Trust will follow this action. In addition, the Indiana Union Construction Substance Abuse Trust will delay April random and annual testing until the last week of the month in an effort to provide additional timing to get past the Covid-19 crisis.

These temporary changes to do not impact Post-Accident or Probable Cause Testing in the Indiana Union Construction Substance Abuse Trust program.

Local 873: Random substance abuse testing in the jurisdiction of IBEW Local 873 (Kokomo-Marion) has been temporarily suspended due to test sites being overwhelmed by other matters. There may be an ability to do on-site testing if required.

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