• Ted Uppole

Evening Update 5/8/2020 - Meeting changes, returning to work, and Scott Baldwin

Good Evening!

Well, we're one week into the Governor’s return to “normalcy.” Let’s hope that our numbers remain fairly stable and that we can progress through the different stages of his plan. We just have a few items we wanted to impart this evening.

  • Our Summer Meeting has been cancelled… at least in its current form. The Steering Committee will be meeting soon and we will decide on the content and format for a short meeting to be held in roughly the same time frame, which was originally June 19-20.

  • The Midwestern Regional Conference has been cancelled and will be held at the Broadmoor in Colorado next summer.

  • The PPE Webinar yesterday was… pretty much a complete waste of time. Sorry about that. I’m not entirely certain why it was even a thing. I have however been assured that the Chapters will receive instructions on taking PPE orders early next week. Again, we will keep you posted.

  • Our partners at Federated have released a guide to COVID-19 safety on jobsites which has a slightly different approach than the NABTU one I’ve discussed previously. As neither represent actual regulation at this point, feel free to draw from both.

  • Scott Baldwin has expressed his sincere gratitude to so many of you who have chosen to take part in his campaign against J.R. Gaylor. He has invited all NECA members to the a Zoom Conference on Thursday May 14th from 12-1. He’d love to see you there!

As always, stay safe and call and call if you have any questions!


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