• Ted Uppole

May 6th update - Jobsite Impacts Due to COVID-19

Good Evening,

Two weeks ago we passed along a request from NECA National for participation in a study being conducted by a special ELECTRI Task Force (conveniently headed by our own Greg Gossett) which is compiling information on the productivity impact of COVID-19 on our work.

None of us could have ever anticipated the extraordinary worldwide chaos caused by the COVID-19 virus. The direct impact on NECA contractors has been substantial as many segments of construction shut down completely.

The coming impact on cost and schedule will also be significant. Yet, right now, there are very limited tools available in the market that you can use to quantify and substantiate management decisions and to develop a defensible approach to pricing the impacts.

To assist our electrical contractors -- all sizes and scopes -- in their recovery, ELECTRI International commissioned a significant and comprehensive study that includes research that highlights productivity and hours lost due to new social distancing and PPE guidelines. The report also provides information to help you, our Chapter members, calculate the impacts on your own projects.

To make this important information as accessible as possible to our members, ELECTRI and NECA are kicking things off with a national webinar on May 12th at 2PM ET. Please register for the event here.

When you sign up, please take a minute to complete the short survey attached to the registration form to help us better understand what project specific impacts you are facing. During the webinar, we will share crucial information that will provide additional access to a user-friendly calculator that you can use to price change orders and quantify the impacts on jobsite productivity. This tool will serve as the starting point of negotiating, as well as defining any equitable adjustment of stimulus or other funding received through PPP and EIDL loan programs. Please, take the time to register for this webinar and fill out the survey which will be used to compile additional information you’ll be able to use to prove harm going forward for all of the reasons stated above.

As always, stay safe and call if you have any questions.


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