• Ted Uppole

Update 4/20

Good Afternoon,

Today’s blog post is also going to have to be distributed via email. As preferable as not spamming your inbox with NECA related items might be, there are two very time sensitive issues where NECA needs your help. Regrettably, these requests came in just a few minutes ago and responses need to be forwarded on to NECA National by the COB tomorrow.

1) The Chapter has been tasked with providing a number to NECA national of the total employees that have applied for Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Emergency Family and Medical Leave under the FFCRA within the Chapter. If you have anyone who has applied for either benefit, can you please send Jacob an email ( with those numbers. Names are not needed, just the numbers of each type of leave. This information will be used in the ongoing discussions we are having with NEBF to keep them from requiring contributions on FFCRA compensation.

2) Secondly, NECA National is working with our Premier Partners to assist our members with obtaining COVID-specific PPE. If you are in need of masks or gloves or other items to help keep your people safe, please send Jacob an email with an estimate of how much you need. This isn’t an order yet, but it will help National know how many items we need distributed to our area.

Thanks again everyone and as always stay safe and call if you have any questions.


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